Daytona 2003

Mike Cecchini

The famous AMI (American Motorcycle Institute) doesn't look like much, but this small workshop area , with all the basic needs (parts washers, air supply, welders and other typical  shop equipment) for a non-factory race team, has been a God send for such teams as Britten, Team Obsolete and other world class teams over the years.

AMI usually stays open 24hrs a day during early Bike Week (vintage racers), but this year it closed each night at midnight, thus not supplying the full support it has in years past.



Also, among the certificates on the wall is a signed Britten poster given to AMI (and signed) by John Britten.  This corner of AMI usually has someone standing and pondering the sad passing of such a great motorcyclist.  It sure had me in a moment of silence.