Jay and Lisa Goddard

    Jennings GP, Florida 2003


We had a great time at the track we both really enjoyed our new bikes. Mine is the black and yellow 750, her's is the gray and blue 600, we have less than $6500 in the pair!!  I was running in the lower third of the advanced group and Lisa was in the upper third of the intermediate group.  Her best was a 1:34:35, mine was a 1:30:08.  The GSXRs may be boring, lack style, and look like eggs, but they are cheap and easy to ride fast.  The track was great, nice and smooth with lots of run off, but flat as a pancake, no camber or hills. It is a motorcycle only track, no cars allowed.  The track
is 2 miles long with 14 turns, mostly lefts! the track record is 1:15:60.

While we did not have any MAD members to share our weekend with we did get to hang out with Colin Edwards and Jamie James!

 Lisa's birthday was Monday, I gave her a very special present.  She got to drive 800 miles while I puked into a cooler for 13 hours.  I am feeling much better, now Lisa is hugging the cooler.