John J Fisher

Bike Lift

I finally got my first garage ever this August and when I saw Chris Edwards Bike Stand I liked the idea immediately. Well, I have done a variation on a theme. Of course my garage isn't big enough to hold 2 cars, 3 bikes, snow blower, lawn tractor, misc junk and now a bike stand. So, I kept thinking about how I could do this stand and where I could put it when not in use which would be most of the time. It hit me if I built it in the ceiling it would be out of the way and available anytime without having to pull it out of storage.
I have mounted one to lift up either end of my bike. I started with that to try it out and have found I like it very much. So, some day in the future I will replicate it, spacing it enough to hoist both ends of a bike.
Thought I would share it with you guys because for some strange reason my wife cannot appreciate it.

hoist2.jpg (19717 bytes)

hoist4.jpg (19284 bytes)

hoist6.jpg (9082 bytes)

hoist7.jpg (11840 bytes)

hoist13.jpg (16682 bytes)

Here is my Speed Triple hoisted and you can see the ladder I went up to mount the new contraption. Ok, its a Triumph and not a Ducati, but its a least European.