"Tie Down Po' Boy Style"

by Chris Edwards

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I use a 5' x 8' trailer that I bought from my buddy after he sold his Valkerie and got out of biking. Note the extension on the front rail, "It's over eight feet long" was Honda's advertising, and it was. I paid $350 for the trailer, put new tires on it and other than repack the bearings a couple of times, it's been flawless.

I used to use wooden blocks as front wheel chocks, but found these were a pain when I had to use the trailer for more utilitarian purposes. I installed these 'S' channels (www.pitposse.com) on various points on the trailer to support transporting two motorcycles, dirt or street. I routed out a recess for a tire to sit in.

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I purchased a Bike Grab stand from www.bikegrab.com and use it for transportation and for parking the bike during track days. The stand is not fixed to the trailer.

Notice where I place the straps on the bike. Most of the tie down pressure is on the front tire, not the fork springs and seals. You don't need much strapping pressure for the bike to be rock solid on the trailer.

On the rear I mounted two 'D' rings flush into the base of the trailer bed. I use a single strap to hold the rear wheel from bouncing side to side. Click for larger image
Below is the right side mounting where I do not use the Bike grab front stand.
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I estimate I have transported bikes about 20,000 miles, using the methods described above and 'touch wood' have never had a problem.

Chris Edwards

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