Now I know this is not a Ducati, but its parked close to a relative of a Ducati, my DB2.

I just wanted to show you my inexpensive front stand I made from 1 inch black pipe, available from most hardware stores, i.e. Home Depot. It just screws together in about 5 minutes and when you are done, you just unscrew it for storage.

The total cost was about $48. My R1 has been hanging like this for about 2 weeks while I put Race Tech Gold Valves in the forks.

Shopping List:

Qty Part Description Where Used
4 8" x 1" pipe Feet
4 24" x 1" pipe Vertical Legs
4 1" Tee 2 for Top Bar, 2 for Legs to Feet
2 1" 90 degree Elbows Vertical Legs to Top Bar
2 4" x 1" pipe Connect Elbow to Tee on top bar
4 1" Caps End of Feet
2 1" Connectors Connect  two 24" pipes to make vertial legs
1 30" x 1" pipe Top bar


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