Walter Martens - Picture Gallery


Knackered swingarm. Probably structurally safe but damned ugly. And that chrome doesn't help matters any.After a bath, starting to pull things apart.Photos don't really do the amount of corrosion justice. Calcium and aluminum oxide deposits covered much of the exposed flow areas.Really bad corrosion on the hose bibs.  What a bear getting this junction piece off!Nasty ugliness!
A better view of the amount of detritus that needed cleaning. Imagine how this affected the flow and cooling!This is NOT oil but coolant. No gunky junks or other flotsam but it did have a strange green color.It's a really bad idea to run without a bellows on the slave cylinder since it literally sits atop the counter-shaft sprocket all covered with chain lube.This looks deceptively dirty but actually was quite clean. S100 is my new best friend for cleaning bikes!  Bad part is the PO used cheap hardware store bolts to secure the airbox resulting in massively corroded bolts. Galvanic action anyone?Insert maintenance creep here!  Removing the side cover I found the stator wires boogered (technical term, re: knackered) The bundle cover was cut/torn/split and missing the donut plug to stop leaks where it exits the side cover.More corrosion. There's no telling when the coolant was last changed. Wire brushes and scraping. Then cleaning and repaint for these little bits.
What nineteen year old hoses look like.New silicon SAMCO hose kit,....purdy!New swingarm came in the post today. A few minor nicks. No biggie as it's getting painted anyway.More signs of age. The ancient Delrin quick disconnects have given their all. One piece snapped as I removed the tank. The other when trying to take it out of the pump assembly. New metal fittings on order.More nastiness.Postman brought more goodies!  Billet rearsets.  :)
Swingarm all painted to emulate the magnesium unit and match the Marchesini magnesium wheels.New hoops for the new-to-me magnesium wheels. Nothing like the look of old school five spoke cast Marchesini's.Prettyness waiting to be mounted.Side cover rejuvenated.Tank and airbox in good shape. I will have to take them off over the winter for the paint.Rear engine bolt. This has been out before when the PO chromed so many bits on the bike. Again, probably structurally sound but replaced anyway with a Nichols titanium unit.
More corroded hardware store bolts. Buy the proper kit for your machines. This is why!Ugly chrome removed.Here's why the eccentric hub was so difficult to remove. All that rubble on the rag. The sand and bits migrated down the swingarm to the eccentric and made it bind when trying to rotate or remove. Not good.All that sand/pebble bit there came out of the swingarm. This is why you should always keep the plugs in the casting holes at the front of the swingarm. Sand and bits got inside and migrated to the rear.No plugs = Bad Form!
More chrome. This adds thickness in the form of copper then nickle plating which problems with the eccentric. How did the PO fix this? Filing off the eccentric of course. Not a major concern but it could have been better done.Missing one O-ring on one side. With the added thickness of the plating it wouldn't fit properly with both O-rings. Bad planning.  :(At least the bearings were still good. Cleaned and flushed and regreased ready to go back on.New goodness. Billet sprocket carrier and Ohlins via Greg Woodman.This thing goes on there!?!?!
Success!  Thanks Charlie!New chain and sprockets fitted along with the rear wheel and tire. Lotsa new goodness.



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