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MAD/VIR Ducati Rev's Virginia - April 22/23, 2013

Gene hounding my tail (sand-bagging) on the cold track for first session Monday.More of Gene sand-bagging. Bike sure looks good.First of the afternoon sessions trying out my 888 for the first time on track. A whole'nother animal from my 900SP!Swifty running up behind me on my 888. I was finally able to stay ahead of him instead of that R-1 blasting by me on the straight!Heading into T-4. The 888 is much easier to turn than my 900SP.Somewhere along the way after a few sessions, one of the wellnuts backed out of the fender stay on Gene's 900SS. You can just see the fairing dragging.
After missing the September track event, Greg was on a tear riding well and smooth. He didn't stay behind Mike for long.Johnahtan 2-up with Aaron. He said the stoppies had him hunting for the pegs and butt and feet were well up in the air!Johnathan and Aaron.Johnathan and Aaron.Morning day two, Tuesday, dawned a bit warmer than Monday but still a bit windy. Warming up out of T-1 with Gene sand-bagging on my tail again.Mike following this guy in white, (don't know who he is). Early each session he'd come by then we'd reel him in after a few laps presumeably after he tired.
Scott and his RC-30. Bumped up a bit (I think he said it was 428cc) and dyno'd at ~72hp. I only encountered him a few times on track and one of those he ran out of gas going into T-4, Petcock not opened.Most sessions this was the way of things, after Greg would tear away from our group. Mike and Gianni would lead and often trade places and I'd be struggling to keep up.Mike and I in T-5.I don't know who this guy was on a ZX-6r but it was fun to ride up on him and try to get by, show a wheel here or there but then loose him on the straight.One more of the 888 into T-4.Packed up and ready to go, tight fit in my homemade moped trailer.
New security manager at VIR instituted a Donnie had another very large and welcome rpesence at VIR with MAD. Thanks Donnie!Donnie's Garage set up for work. Unfortunately he had too much work and got to ride only sporadically.Johnathan made himself at home after unpacking.Sunday night potluck dinner, packed as usual. Thanks to all for their contributions and help with cooking and setting up.Sunday night tech in the garages while dinner was going on. Very convenient!
Gianni and Dan going through tech.Nadia made herself at home waiting for My 888 after tech Sunday evening.Coming in after first track session on my 888.Talking with Gene about his pretty new 900SS after he was scraping the fairing.
Staging to go out on the 888. Notice the new Pit lane always looks cool!Old faithful '95 900SP ready to play.Geoff Huntington after his gettoff in T-4.Musta been a dozen people saying More pit lane action.
More COKE-COLA sponsorship as I go into T-4.Johnathan before 2-up ride.Johnathan after 2-up ride.Dan followed by Eric into T-3.Eric exiting T-3.Kawasaki ZX-10 in rather striking colors. Looked great.
Dan and Eric again.Bill looking great on his old beastie!Looks like Dan was really getting his groove on in T-3.Gene heading out on his new 900SS. Always liked the ballet of riders coming off track while others going on with all the noise and movement.Tuesday I went back to my 900SP.
This guy on the 749 was fun to ride behind for a few sessions. It would take several laps to reel him in and be darned impossible to get past.Same 749 into T-4.There were a couple of racers or just fast guys looking to bump up to advanced riding with instructors. And Chris boon-dogging in intermediate.
Only serious crash resulting in injury all weekend. A rather small get-off in T-1 had Francesco tumbling and getting a broken collarbone.Bike was relatively unscathed with a fairing stay damaged, cosmetic damage to the fairing and tail. Worst break was the right rearset tabs. Not uncommon for this bike. He'll be back in September!Dat's all for this time!One more gratuitous shot of my 888!



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