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Gianni and his MTS1200S at Mugello Circuit
April 9, 2012
Rode 3 hrs with my 2012 Ducati MTS1200S from Riva del Garda (Trentino) to the Mugello Circuit (Tuscany)on a cool but sunny Easter Monday...

Doing a free 10-minute first timers' track session.  Pic was taken at the exit of Turn 3 (Poggio secco).The organizers upon my insistence agreed to let me ride an extra hour for Euro 100, even though they normally only allow pure sportbikes on the track on their open session days like the day of my visit. Pic taken near apex of Turn 12 (Correntaio).Riding this track was sublime thrill, even at my cautious pace due to my unfamiliarity with this track and the adventure-touring Scorpion Trail tires with 8,300kms (5,200 miles)! In pic I am exiting Turn 12 (Correntaio).This circuit has been voted by the MotoGP teams the best among all MotoGP circuits in terms of track, facilities, fans.  I was certainly utterly impressed by the beatiful ondulating and varying layout and the top-notch facilities....1.1km or 0.75 miles where MotoGP bikes reach beyond 320km/h (200 mph).  Track days are very expensive here in Itay and most expensive at the Mugello Circuit: Euro 170 for one (open) 2-hr session, Euro 280 for two (open) 2hr sessions.Hard to see them in this pic, but these 8-12 year old kids are racing miniature sportbikes in full safety gear on this mini circuit.
There were no tech inspections for the bikes and for the safety gear...despite the big sign over a garage that remained shut door all day!  Also, there was/is no tech requirements for the track bikes spelled out anywhere on the Promo Racing website.The Mugello 10-minute first-timers' bikes, including my MTS1200S on the left in the back!More first timers with the main building in the backgroundGianni and his bike in an empty part of the huge paddock areaA populated part of the huge paddock areaFew Ducatis on the track, like this beatiful 1098
...or like this brand new 1199 Panigale S belonging to a racing teamJust another pic of plain Gianni with his plain streetbike MTS1200S.



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