Walter Martens - Picture Gallery

Niagara - Labor Day Weekend

An ecclectic groups of bikes, and ridersColorful locals when stopping for gas.David and I by the bikes. He took to the Victory well.Sunday morning loomed ugly as we prepped to ride to the falls.  It all cleared up well though.Front row parking at the falls.The whole gang.
The falls.Maid of the Mist IV departing the dock for the Canadian falls.I'm surprised we were able to get so close, especially given recent accidents.The Canadian side with the old power station (now a museum) below.David and Lisa were last here 23 years ago on their honeymoon.The Martens Clan!
The Glenn Curtiss Museum.Want to try hitting 130mph on one of these?  Curtiss did!The restoration workshop was amazing.Sunday evening dinner.More Sunday dinner.The Grand Canyon (PA that is) was a little damp.
Was there ever a more motley crew?More wet crew.But the Canyon was beautiful.David and Lisa, driying up on the way home.  Thanks for joining us.



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