Walter Martens - Picture Gallery

MAD/VIR - April 2011

Bob Angelo and David YoungBiaggi showed up?!?!?  Actually Bob's new to him RSV Mille.The usual Sunday evening garage gang with much chatter and drinks.Bob says he really likes the RSV.  You'd never know he totally rebuilt the bodywork.  It looked great!Peter Boccorosso <sp> and his RSV4.  208rwhp!
The RSV4 seemed willing to wheelie just about anywhere.
Bob following Brian in T3Bob and his RSV.Ken Allen showing Peter Osborne the way through T4.Greg Hayes in T17.
Nathan in T17.Chris in T17.Eric in T17.Dave Young and his Bayliss rep 1098R.Gianni in T17.
Dianne showing good form despite her knee still bothering her.Eventually Dianne's knee gave out even with bionic aids.Brian's girlfriend Kaelyn getting a wheelie from XXX on her 2-up ride.I think Bob liked the little extra Mark coming round the outside of Peter during his one-on-one on track lessons.
William's clutch gave up despite valiant efforts on his part.Johnathan getting set for a spin with Scott Harwell.Scott and Johnathan warping through the kink.William playing with David's Bayliss 1098R.Mike Iadacola at the kink.
Scott taking Johnathan round the outside of another rider in T3.William returning David's 1098R unscathed and a bit warmer.A swarm in pit row as Johnathan climbs off after Scott showed him the proper way around the North Course.
Johnathan on another 2-up with XXX (Steve) this time wheelying all the way to the kink from T17.End of session meeting.



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