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Paolo Pirozzi Visits Virginia

Paolo's much travelled machine in Delaware.Meeting with Hamza in Delaware to get the handoff of All smiles getting ready to head South to Virginia.Enjoying a hot meal with cold beer at a local eatery after riding for three and a half hours in frigid cold and heavy traffic the day before Thanksgiving.After enjoying his steak dinner Paolo looked a tad confused with so many forks delivered to await his ordered dessert.An after dinner aperitif of grappa ended the evening.
Thanksgiving morning Lidia is ready for a long days ride through DC and surrounds before heading South.Paolo made a few freinds with our cats during his stay at Chez' Martens especially enjoying little Zoe calling her Paolo packing up Lidia to continue his travels.Talking equipment and the self imposed limitations Paolo has placed upon himself during his ride.If he's stopped, he's smoking!Paolo's has many girlfriends...number one....
...and number two.FInal preparations to head into DC during the cold drizzle.Meeting up with Gene at the local Starbucks to enjoy coffee and of course another smoke.Reviewing the route maps I printed out for Paolo before leaving home.First stop, the Iwo Jima Memorial.Gene, Paolo and me.
Gene's ST3, Paolo's Lidia and my MTS1200 on loan from DOnnie Unger of DucPond Motorsports.Next stop the Pentagon Memorial of the September 2001 attacks.The US Capital building.DucPond Motorsports Demo MTS1200.  Thanks Donnie!Paolo made another little friend at the Elipse in front of the White House.In front of the White House.
Ever smiling.On 15th St. after getting a little snack about to depart South.A final photo opportunity as I had to turn back North to get home for a late Thanksgiving dinner.Gene leads as Paolo follows towards South Carolina and Charlotte.Paolo has Wings!



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