Walter Martens - Picture Gallery

MAD-VIR October '09
October 5-6, 2009

Sunday night with Scott Russell and his pit crew. - SlideShow EntryJohnathan got used to the Hawk quickly.Father and son duo #2, CHris and George. It seems Chris is saying: Kirk Wagner and his father (next pic) were father son duo #3.Kirk's father on his Triumph.Ryan enjoying his Motard. The Akro's sounded terrific and he was having loads of fun!
Johnathan getting some good lean angle in T4.The reverse cone pipe gave the tiny Hawk an impressive note.Setting up the entry through the Oak Tree.Looking through the turn.Taking the little Hawk for a spin with Mike C. drafting! - SlideShow EntryImpressive lineup of sports cars for testing by
KTM's workhorse of a car as all business and half the price of the Atom!Tight pass at the Oak Tree



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