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Deb B. and Syd at Green Ridge
6.7.09 Sunday
Our second trip of the dirt bike season to Green Ridge State Forest!

Coming down Green Ridge Rd before Mertens.First overlook on ORV trail looking WestFirst overlook on ORV trail looking EastSyd and I with the camera in a VERY precarious position on the seat of my XR to take this pic - at the first overlook with the East to our backs.Syd again with her back facing East.  The first pics listed are at the TOP of the hill behind her!My bike striking a pose!
That was a SMALL puddle of water, trust me!The BIG puddle at the end of the ORV trail near the Mertons Ave. parking area.  This Syd getting ready to come at me through the puddle for some super pictures and video!Going back for a second run through!There she goes!Here she comes back from the parking area - she couldn't get enough!
What's a kid to do??  Go riding!A good action shot :o)



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