Charlie Sherwood - Picture Gallery

DOCC Mosport Raly, 2004
May 30, 2004
Only two attended, Mark Turczyn & Charlie Sherwood. Both came back, but not the same way they went!

Check in & tech... Saturday morning.  Great weather!The MAD pits..We were in good company.. Mark got a ride in this!AMA superbike.. signed (but not ridden) by Doug Polen.. Carbon - carbon disks!Pretty Bimota
Drool, Jay G. & Mike W.!Tricked out Hailwood Rep.  I always liked 'em.. this one even more!Hailwood rep.Nice Monster... Like Steve's!Nice F1.. but not as nice as mine!This guy was in the orange (oreintation) Class!!
Pretty in blue..Vintage Stabletriumph-antFirst production (sold to public) desmo.. 1969.



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