Walter Martens - Picture Gallery

Grattan SSR '08

Courtney leads Dave Young and the pack through the esses.Mike C. leading me and an errant motard.Mike C. and pack.Me chasing a 999 through the bowl.Rick and John Hackett with Douglas hanging out on the observation deck.Mike leading me from the bowl over 'short-shift'.
Entering the bowl.'And right there ya see, this 'wanker' on a 'Sedici' was acting the roadblock!Mike and his toys.
I just couldn't get by Mike on the Desmosedici until the 'Bus-stop!'Ivonne got really good with the camera. Me on the last right going into the bowl.Post wheelies.  Look at those forks compressed!Dave Young. Very smooth as usual and the SPS was purring.Mike F. chasing Courtney to the deer leap.The bucolic setting that is Grattan.
The MAD crew. At least some of us.
Mike F., Court, Tate, Mike C., and me.Court, me and Sal.Dat's all!  See ya next year!The Courtney showing off a bit on this attempt for a three way wheelie.



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