Walter Martens - Picture Gallery

MAD VIR Oct 15-16 2007

A cool dawn breaks and the paddock awakens.Garages begin to bustle.Mike I. and his island.
Henry ready to go.Zoomie!The grid lined up.Grid linup #2B Group parade first lap.
Jay and Dave on the RC-30 and CBR respectively.Jon Swift on his SB6Charles on his new 748.Henry, Aaron and myself in the background.Joe Wooten and another instructor showing how to take T3David VonDamm aquitted himself well his first track day!
Gianni and Aaron in T3Aaron exiting T3Two Trolls heading down the rollercoaster. Cole on the second bike.Robert, myself and Jim had some good sessions together.Emily looked smart running downhill.Diane also showing great form on the 748 downhill.
Mike C.'s 888 looked great and sounded better on track!Me midway through T17A bad day at the track.Lunchtime cookout.Cookout #2Cookout #3
Cookout #4Cookout #5Cookout #6Cookout #7Cookout #8Pitbike race.
Pitbike race #2Diane T7Henry T7Swifty T7Zoomie T7Lisa T7
Jay T7Robert T7Myself T7Mike F. T7Mike C. T7Cole on Wooten's GSXR
Jay at the kinkDave Y. at the kink.Following Mike C. around for a bit.Tate and the Two Valve Wrecking crew passing me up.Broadstreet was, well, Broad!Gene and I had some fun passes also.
Chris Edwards T7Packup in T1!Henry knee down in T7Gene and I through the esses.Me holding up the Wrecking Crew in T17
Courtney makes it by with Mike soon to follow.A bad moment in T1Me exiting T1/T2Finally showing some decent form.T4 entry.T4 exit.



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