Brian Sandusky - Picture Gallery

VIR-Fall '06 Pit Bike Race
Oct. 06
various pics from the pit bike race

Overseeing the starting of the race fueled overbored 50 to be passed later on!the Winning Mount 'em up and move em out!Shiggy gettin Jiggy with his Jay headin out to crush David Terry showing that stock can be better than modded with race gas!Preparing and practicing my grip for the ride to come whilst waiting on the grid to go out for the siting lap!
This beer wench was looking to serve up a can of Whoop-Ass! She ended up rounding out the podium.And there off....on to the siting lap!On the grid...E.T. ended up guiding MC to a I don't think this Quad was ready to endure what these Sizing up the competition with the likes of Those powerful electric scooters scooped up the Pole Positions...but it wasn't to last for long!...Apparently Hendrix spent his uphill 7-14 power on a ginormous wheelie off the line whilst Honda's
Jonathan was ready to glide past his gridded line of competitors as he was lower to the ground and more dynamic!The Zooom-O-flage humpback was to be unparralelled on the track that day!...even when sitting and waiting on the grid!and the Cole makes the Zooom go Weeeeeeeee!I think the suspension wasn't too happy as it was pretty bottomed out and the center stand even touched down a time or 3!I think you can see me grinnin' in my helmet here!...maybe this was after we passed David Terry and he had a lil fit  that made his head bounce like a bobblehead!Greg White questioning the contents of the grand prize that Cole and I split! I think he was hinting at trying to get the Honda Polish from me!



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