Walter Martens - Picture Gallery

International Motorcycle Show DC '06

MV F4 1000 kitted out.  Very Nice!Did anyone else notice the Mille Factory? Drool!  Apologies for Oksana blocking the view.  :)Johnathan waiting for one of the Hooters girls to give him a ride.While he's waiting, Johnathan found a cruiser to go trolling on.Rossi's winning machine.Jeremy Burgess Associazione Cert for Rossi's bike.
The MAD booth late Saturday.Myself, Paul Smart and Gary Eagan.  It was a great pleasure chatting with Paul and Gary both.Johnathan and Paul Smart sharing a laugh.Gene is more happy than his sly grin would indicate with these Hooters girls!It was terribly imposing but they insisted on more photos.One more of the girls for Olivier.
Dennis and the MAD crew.  He was looking quite fit.The new Buell UlyssesTerminator inspired custom.FastLane's Kaw racer.King Kenny's #1 machine.The view from the front office on the King's bike.
KRJR's #1 machine.JR's view from the top.DC Monster Challenge Winner right side.DC Monster Challenge Winner left side.



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