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Cagiva Adventure
Nov 05
Bringing home my new bike with a cross country trip.

Paul Geller, the seller of my new Cagiva and the genius behind DucatiDesigns dual headlight for ST's.Stopped by at Evergreen Museum and checked out the giant Hercules (Spruce Goose) Amazing aircraft.With my sister getting ready to depart the museum.Oregon/California border coastline view.  Nice to see after two days in the mountains and rain.Same location only looking south along the coastal highway I'm heading down. Stunning.Found an old friend alongside the road. Paul Bunyan and Babe were big folklore stories for me when growing up in Minn.
A bridge in the middle of nowwhere with Gold Bears on each end.At the SF Marina after descending through the mountains and across the Golden Gate in the background.Looking the other direction at the marina with Alcatraz in the background.Houses across from the marina must sell for millions.Stopped and chatted with an Elefant owner while the bike pissed itself when the fuel warmed and expanded.Alamo Rd?  What's there? About a two humdred yard road to nowhere....
....Beautiful sceneria on Alamo rd. though.But there is this ex-roadside attraction from the sixties turned into a three level home on ...Alamo Rd.After making my way through Williams AZ I headed north again to the Gran(d)Canyon.  Side stepped at the Canyon airport aviation museum for the afternoon.Can you believe this FM was built from scratch after the original crashed?  Nothing but an original data plate left on this bird.  All of these aircraft are flyers.  I have many pics.Gotta love helmet head! At the canyon rim.What a glorious site.  I never get tired of seeing the canyon.
A better self portait with the aid of a nice tourist.Lighted trees blinking to Christmas music at Los Abrigados Resort in Sedona.North end of Oak Creek Canyon leading back to Sedona.Self portrait at Oak Creek Canyon.Slide Rock park in Oak Creek Canyon.  Very cold water to slide down in.  Lotsa fun.A sample view of what it looked like riding through the canyon.
Another self portrait.A bit of strange Americana by the roadside.  The old man vending inside talked a lot of his old single Ducati Where is it?  Take a guess.A few slow stretches in N. NM.What a pretty bike.  :)Out in the middle of nowhere a cross appeared, a big one!  Claimed to be the biggest in the western hemisphere.  Somewhere in N.NM.
OKC with a crapped out battery.Getting to the heart of the matter.Hanging with an AF Colonel friend for a few days.



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