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Car Lift
April 2005
The Bend Pak car lift has a 9000lb lift capacity. It has a maximum 6' 8" of clearance when fully raised. My garage ceiling is 12 feet high. I have about 2 feet 7 inches of clearance between my tallest bike and the ceiling with the lift set at 6'.

How they arrivedGetting the first lift out of the truckGetting lift two out of the truck.My neighbor taking his lift up his drivewayMy neighbor taking his lift up his drivewayBringing mine up my driveway
Ready for assembly in my drivewayLift PartsStarting to put it togetherMy neighbor's lift assembled and ready to go.The lift, in the picture, is currently at 6 feet. It will go to 6' 8
I decided to build a 23' x 44Construction begins
The car lift will work as an elevator to get the heavy object up to the new storage space.Access to the deck, looking from the door to the garage.Area below the new stepsAbout to move the Yamaha from the lift to the deckThe center post drops into a slot so it can be easily removed allowing access.
Bike up on the new deckI added 8 sheets of 3/4Lift up at 6' above garage floorLift loaded at 6' above garage floorThe DB2 and the 996 are stored up on the back shelf.The DB2 and the 996 are stored up on the back shelf
BMW in resting place, up on Car Lift.BMW in resting place, up on Car Lift.Two best bikes in the world, well my world.Suburban in the garagePlenty of width



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