2011 World SBK at Miller Motorsports Park - Picture Gallery
May, 2011
The SBK round and AMA Pro races near Salt Lake City
Ralph Shaheen interviews Carlos Checa on Saturday.  5 pm. No rain yetJosh Hayes at the autograph session.7 pm.  The rain & cold has started.The free concert - only for the hearty!It rained all night.  Sunday morning: going off track was not a good thing.Speedymoto (From Oregon) had a couple of nice Ducatis parked outside the garages.
why do they have that bent swing arm on this side? Looks?It was cold - 45F - so I visited the museum.  All Ford race cars - Cobras and Mark IVs.The start of the Daytona Pro Supersport race at noon.  It was rainy & cold all day.The pit walk.  What were these guys looking at?Oh - now I understand.
Sorry, ladies.This crazy feature was on Ulrich's bike.  WTFO?Now, I've never seen this at AMA races!After superpole.  This Aprilia had gone down in the mud and was being cleaned up.Interesting tank.  All the gas seems to be low down.  Mass centralization?80 minutes later, the engine was off the bike.  That swing arm looks custom made.
The bikes lined up for tech after superpole.  Only weight was taken - unless a challenge was presentThe next morning.  It was dry all day.The start of the 15 min. morning SBK practice.
Bikes started coming in.  Why?They were switching bikes.. I guess they were checking out setups for the afternoon race.This Guy (J. Waters, Yosh Suzuki) had a NASCAR like faux head light on his graphics.Checa's 3rd They spent some seconds checking things out.
Then he took off to claim pole.The usual stunt demonstrations.. these were the BMW guy.another pit walk.  These guys had their graphics printed on plastic that was then stuck to the bike.
I can sort of understand faux CF on the swing arm (prev pix) but on the frame tubing too???Every time I walked by Haga's pit, these guys seemed glued to their computers.The brains of the superbike?Most of the radiators were partially blocked, like this one.Noon.  the start of SBK race 1.Just before the start of the sighting lap.
The lights have just gone out.At the end of lap 1.. Biaggi & Rea go agricultural.  Checa is 4th.End of lap 3.  Checa is 3rd.End of the race.  Checa 1st.  J. Smrz is very happy with 2nd!Dng. the cool down lap Checa tried to go across some dirt to get a Ducati Flag.  Bad decision.
Rich teams tire muff.Poor teams tire muff.AMA teams all watched their Superbike race this way.About 4pm.  It did not rain on Monday, a good thing.The leggy SBK girls out for the start of race 2.This time Checa lead at the end of lap 1.  He focuses on the apex of T15
Checa focuses on the exit of T15.Places 2 through 7 at the end of lap 1.After winning race 2 Checa was successful in getting a Ducati flag without getting muddy.He did a celebratory burn out for us.Heading towards the interview for the race fans.Leon Cramer, 2nd.
Max Biagi, 3rd.Eugene Laverty - a star of the future?.Nori Haga - a star of the past.  He did not have a good day.  9th & DNF.30 minutes after the race.. packing up already.All very organized.
The spoils from 2nd place in race 1.The Althea team celebrating a double win.  The  guy in blue seemed to be the team owner? manager?Not only a double win, but a double fastest lap.



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