MAD Mystery Trip #1 - Picture Gallery
November 2007
As part of this year's charity activites we are working on doing things in support of A Motor Patrol Officer, Vinnie Darconte, an avid rider in his spare time, who died on his personal bike http://www.connectionnewspapers.com/article.asp?archive=
The gang is all here. Walt Martens with his lovely wife Ivonne on board, Brian (Zooom) Sandusky with his very attractive friend Lisa Wilcox on Board, Kirk Wagner, and of course the sadistic leader of this insanity -me.The overlook on Maury River Road, see how warm everyone looks. It is a great motorcycle road no matter what the temps.The Maury River, any road that follows a river is my kind of road, scenic and twisty.There is still color in these moountains.Scenic and twisty makes for a good motorcycle road
Despite the weird look on my face we are all having fun at the Local watering hole at the end of a chilly day's ride.The next morning it was bright sunshine, what the heck is that on my seat, oh well it will be warm when we depart.Geez this ought to help me slide around on the seat better to setup for the turns.Yes even Zooom's ride has that special racer stuff on it to help him slide around on the seat.Walt's does too!See according to Kirk's guages it is 65 degrees
There is everyone with their new DucsA closer look at the new DucsA close-up of the Marten's with their new ducs, a matching pair.Crabtree falls, great road to get there and beyond



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