Mid-Atlantic Italian Motorcycle Festival (25 Sept 2005) - Picture Gallery
25 Sept 2005
MAD Quarterly Meeting 1MAD Quarterly Meeting 2MAD Quarterly Meeting 3MAD Quarterly Meeting 4MAD Quarterly Meeting 5MAD Quarterly Meeting 6
Duc Pond DisplayFoW and Concourse Line-upConcourse overview1977 MV (Best Sounding Bike)MV and nice Bevel DrivesGuzzi Le Mans
900SS Best in Show Winner900SS Best in Show WinnerLarry's Best Ridden WinnerTrol 1Trol 2RS Loadest Bike Winner (120+ db)
Nice back line-up including Gene Hunt's Best 2000+ Ducati Corsa livery MonsterGuzzi, Guzzi, etc.MV Brutale S in good companyBack line-upFollowing Closson and friends out of LeesburgBlack 900 Super Sport
Yellow 750 Sport1977-1993 Magni MV  Great sounding machine in stunning condition.Like new Morini 500MG 1000S - There were two of these and the other was even better looking but left early.Very unique looking MG Daytona 1000Wes and Jeannette's stunning '92 851.  A real head turner example of this transition 851/888.
Chad's People's CHoice Corse MonsterWes revving the 951 for the loudest bike contest.Donnie's suspension sessionLoudest bike, by a long shotAnother look at Chad's Dark Duc
Variety is the spice of lifeNice parking lot!This was early, before the crowd builtOne more of Donnie's displayDonnie Unger explaining the intricacies of the Showa fork to Scott.Donnie Unger explaining the workings of the Desmo system.
Donnie discusses the differences between the 4V and 2V heads. Members David G., Mike F. and Mark C. look on.Donnie discussing the subtleties of the cantilevered rear suspension on Steve's unique SuperSport while Rob (in the back) gets his boy started right!Here, Rob, a DucPond employee tries to explain throttle-steering to his son on Donnie's championship bike.Keep your Ducs lined up!Indeed, a ..and that's Final!
There's something about a Sleek...You have to start young if you want to join the MotoGP clubDucati MatrixClassic



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