Event Description
Event Id:290
Description:MAD @ VIR - Ducati Rev's Virginia
Active MAD Members Only:No
Event Start:04/22/2013
Event End:04/23/2013

It's that time again...final cost adjustments have been made and prices set so registrations and payments for the April 22/23 events are now

Checks in the amount of $365 should be made out and sent to:

Walt Martens
45564 Turnham Green Court
Sterling, VA 20166

PayPal in the amount of $378 should be sent to: D888SPOLTD@AOL.COM

As usual, please include any change of address/phone numbers and your riding group preference with your payment.

Please include your preferences for a paddock or lodge suite if you require a room at the track. Also, decide who in your group of friends will be sharing a garage if you are going to reserve one. If anyone wants to share a garage but hasn't a group to share yet, please post to the list and groups will pick up members as able. I'd like to make the garage reservation process a bit smoother this round to prevent duplicate reservations. I appreciate everyone's assistance in this regard.

Lodge Suite:
Paddock Suite:

Any questions, concerns or comments should be sent to me at D888SPOLTD@AOL.COM

Please send your registration/payment as soon as possible.
Registration forms can be found here: http://www.cornerspeed.net/pdf%20files/MADApr2013Reg2DAY.pdf


Owner:Walter Martens