Photographs of members and events

Members Technical Stuff
Bob Angelo Tie Down by Mike Cecchini
Mike Cecchini Home Made Bike Support
Chad Smith
Courtney Collins
Lou Conley Events
Jon Elster DOCC Grattan Rally 1997 (Sport Rider Article)
Tom Dressler John and Chris's bikes rest at Grattan 98
Chris Edwards Mike Wheelar at Grattan 1998, Mike is on the second bike
Doug and Anne Frederick  
Jay & Lisa Goddard DOCC Grattan_Rally 1999
William Hendrix DOCC Grattan Rally 2000
Frank Rainieri Summit Point - May 2001
Lenni Savastio DOCC Grattan Rally 2001
Alan Tui Go-carts Jan 2002     Go-carts Dec 2002
Closson Vaughan Mosport 2002     Mosport 2003
Mike Wheelar DOCC Grattan Rally 2002
David M Young Summit Point (JC) April 5th/6th, 2003
Javier Salgueiro Barber BCM Track Day April 2003
Charlie Sherwood Summit Point Main June 16th, 2003
Greg Woodman Grattan 2003
John Hackett Performance (UK)
John Moss and his 916  
Group Photos  
  Ride Photos
A Few MAD Members August 20,2000Other
Pocono 2000 Lou and Mike, WV 2002
April 27th, 2003
  January 3rd, 2004
  Dirt Rides
  Marchesini Wheel Crashed
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