Travel Checklist

By: Mike Cecchini

Check list for leaving house, equipment for camping, track needs, etc.

1. Remove all side stands, mirrors, turn signals. Number plates Check for NEW Track & DOCC rules. Duct tape all instrument lenses---not tach.

2. Money exchange at border for Canadian Track.

3. Put leathers, back protector(s) wipe down crotch/seat area for dry/slippery (suits, boots, gloves), TALC POWDER FOR LEATHERS shirt all in duffle bag. Helmets and earplugs, tearoffs. BIG hangar for leathers to hang/air out. 2-3 prs of riding boots.

4. BEER, large & small blue coolers, Water cooler for Grattan, CB, get ice on the road) Margarita mix and blender.

6. Lock up the grounds (chain in back), set light levels (in & around house), shut down power to back garage, set-up catch basin for water in refrigerator in garage, turn-off A/C / heat in house.

7. Take bicycles, Gratton, Mosport,(not allowed @ Mid-Ohio), Goped, XR100 ??

Clothing- think worst (wet and cold), hats: knit, flat leather, ball cap, straw. red handkerchief. t-shirts. sweatshirts. underwear. socks. Pants: sweat, shorts, jeans, thermals (sleeping), belt. flipflops (showers). toiletries. toilet paper. large towel for shower.  small towel for face. deodorant. nail clippers. comfortable shoes (driving, walking, etc.). Rain gear: gortex

outfit, rain coat, umbrellas, boots. medical supplies, Sodium tablets for hot weather. Extra glasses, kaltek.

Camping-- think worst (wet and cold)

Insect repelling candles for Grattan.

tent. sleeping bags. "thermo-rest". foam. plastic ground cover for tent. eating/cooking gear. chairs. umbrellas for chairs. card table(s). portable light (flashlights, glow sticks, etc.).

droplight (plug in). 2 extension cords (blue one). large Randall knife. alarm clock. pillows. "mover's mats" 2ea for sleeping etc.

Cameras: Olypus, ?), (batteries charged). binoculars. boom-box, tapes). portable cd assy. Large beer cups (16oz.), 2-way radios,
Check Timing equipment operation....(new batteries??) ....NOW.

Camp/racing---tools and equip. Think worst (breakdown) tool box. regular hammer. metric wrenches, sockets, allens. 3/8 drive rachet, extensions. 7/8,15/16 and 22,24 mm wrenches for 888/851 rear axle nuts, 28mm and 11/8” for Corsa. Duct tape  (colors). wire. toolbelt. spark plug tools (11/16,16mm,18mm & 851/888 special spark plug tool). vice grips. bike cover(s) (waterproof). canopy, ground cover. rope/string. bike stands. volt

meter. fuses. Solderless connectors. chain lube ("mother"). extension grabber. ty-wraps, gun. tire pressure gauge, tank w/ both chucks. gallon of varsol, tray, rag, brush. paper towels. oil,

funnel, filter. Telephone battery charged ?. small floor jack. 4 way lug wrench. piece of wood for trailer. spare tire(s). trailer locks.

1st aid kit. WD40, brake clean, bull-knife, scissors, small dykes, themostats, screwdrivers, tire plug kit, gas cans (go-ped,

generator, race gas) spring hooks, plugs/caps, shock adjuster tools, safety wire and pliers, chain alignment tool, generator, lights, canopy, canopy ground cover, drill bit assortment, battery drill (s), safety wire drill tool, asst’d wire brushes, bearing grease, silicone grease & spray, loctite, epoxy/sealer, gallon jug for water, silicone sealer, maps, leaf blower.

Spares: levers, foot peg assy., clip-ons, different brake pads (2 ea) ????

Add friends and enjoy !!

Mike Cecchini